Saves Water & The Environment

All life on this planet depends on water, a precious resource. As populations grow, cities expand, and sources of clean, freshwater dissipate, we face the challenge of managing our water resources efficiently and equitably.

How does this affect you? More and more, water restrictions in communities throughout the nation prevent individuals and businesses from washing vehicles. Car washes waste billions of gallons of water each year.

Washing a car with soap and water generally uses 80-160 gallons of water. With No-Wet Greenway, you can wash and polish your car with no water!

No Harmful Ingredients or Contamination

When soap and water are used to wash a car, harmful abrasives and petroleum distillates often seep into the underlying water table. With No-Wet GreenWay no water is used and the ingredients are environmentally safe. There is no Kerosene, harmful silicone, or abrasive agents. No-Wet uses only finest ingredients. Plus No-Wet GreenWay provides UV protection and has Carnauba Wax and Kaolin Clay to protect your car.

  • Cleaning solutions and other contaminants from conventional driveway washing, run into storm drains which directly empty into surface water supplies, such as streams, rivers, and lakes
  • Cleaning solutions from conventional washing, also seep into the groundwater supply, causing potential contamination of groundwater supply
  • Potentially contaminated groundwater is pumped into public water supplies for everyday use and consumption