Microfiber Towels
Fluffy Terry Buffing Cloths

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You'll still get great results with two  regular cotton cloths.
But, by using NO-WET Microfiber Buffing Cloths...
The Results will be Exceptional! 

Absolutely the best buffing cloth you will ever use! 
NO-WET Microfiber Towels - Fluffy Terry Buffing Cloths are soft, they will not scratch, safe for all surfaces and removes smudges, grease and oil with ease. Microfiber Buffing Cloths
Picks Up Dust and Micro Particles Like a Magnet.

microfiber towels - fluffy terry buffing cloths retain 7 times their dry weight so use them for both cleaning and polishing on all surfaces.  Haze left from waxes, polishes and cleaners are removed quickly and leave no lint.  After micro misting the surface, clean with a cotton terry towel (see Detailed Instructions on bottle) then use the NO-WET buffing cloth and buff to a brilliant waxed and sealed finish.  Before using the cloth, fold it in half, then in half again.  This will give you eight surfaces to use before you have to shake or rinse the cloth.

NO-WET microfiber is a tightly woven blend of micro strands of polyester and polymide (nylon).  One strand is 10 times finer then silk and 100 times smaller than a human hair.  It is softer and more absorbent then any other microfiber or conventional cloth available today!  Each square inch of the NO-WET microfiber towel - fluffy terry buffing cloth contains approximately 200,000 microfibers.  

Cross Section of the NO-WET Microfiber Cloth
  • No Additives
  • No Chemicals
  • No Boiling before use required
  • No traces of Formaldehyde
  • We only use organic dyes
To care for NO-WET microfiber fluffy terry buffing cloths, simply wash in mild soapy water, rinse out and hang up to dry.  NO-WET microfiber towels fluffy terry buffing cloths can also be washed in the washing machine, but never use fabric softener or bleach.  
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